Voices Aloud
Northamptonshire's Charity Show Choir
Your Next Fundraiser (You want to join us ?)
Choir Manager Margaret James
Margaret has been with the choir since it first started in November 2009.
After Jenny Barford died in 2010, she took on the role of choir manager, and with her previous managerial experience, helps, supports and encourages choir members.
Her role also includes organising charity events and promoting forthcoming shows as well as choregraphy.

Voices Aloud enjoys performing to a wide range of audiences both on stage and other venues and has helped to raise
money for many charities and good causes.
Our diverse repertoire is adapted to fit most events and we perform half hour spots up to full 2 hour shows, dependent
on the location, event and other performers.

Want to raise money for your charity?

If you would like us to help with your charities fundraiser or any other event, Margaret would be happy to hear from you.

Why join a mixed voice choir?
You'll enjoy the company of friendly, welcoming people and be amazed at the harmonious sounds you could be part of
without previous experience of singing in a choir.

Answers to some of your questions and comments.

Choirs are stuffy, boring and are for old people!
Why is this one different?

No two choirs are the same. We sing a variety of songs that everyone can relate to and enjoy from jazz to pop, gospel,
sacred, musical theatre and more. our choir is made up of members from all ages and all walks of life.

I can't read music, will that make any difference?
No that won't hold you back. Not everyone in the choir can read music.

I'm too embarrassed to sing in front of others!
No one is expected to sing on their their own.

I'm bad at remembering words.

Many of us are but we support each other and with practise it gets easier.

When do you rehearse?

Monday evenings 7:30 - 9:30 at Brambleside School Kettering.

Can anyone join?

If you can sing in tune and are 18 or over and can commit to Monday evenings then why not get in touch.
You'll will be pleased you did.

Comments from members:
"Best thing I've ever done" "being in a choir has changed my life" "I've made new friends.

Contact Margaret James:
Tel: - 07928 853763

You can also find us on twitter and facebook.